Come into Novo Smiles Advanced Dentistry for a 1 hour smile assessment and examination.

You can expect Dr Akash Kota to take time and listen to any of your concerns, take sets of photographs and x-rays, and provide an analysis and explanation of your face, lips, gums and teeth, following which we can educate you with all the options to improve any aspects of your dentition and smile as a whole.

Sometimes planning is required to get the smile our dentists are happy with, and the smile you have always wanted. We offer a Trial Smile, where you can temporarily wear your new smile on your existing teeth for a ‘test drive’. Our patients love to take selfies to show their partners and friends at home! Often we can do a full Digital Smile Design prior.

We offer a wide range of options all at the one location and range from crowns, implants,  whitening, gum alterations, veneers, invisible braces or simply tooth colour fillings.

Feel free to book online or for a wider availability call us on 0800 171727

Simulate Your New Smile with Our
Invisalign® SmileView Simulator

Do you want to see what your smile could look like with straighter teeth? The Invisalign Smileview simulator at Masterton Dental uses powerful technology to simulate your next smile almost instantly!

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